Electronic Baby Cradle

"The Spring that's easiest to install in market!"

Features and Safety:
-12VDC or Batteri 12VDC
-Speed Adjustable
-Timer Setting (0-180min)

Operating Instructions:
1) Weight baby or refer to baby age-weight-spring table to determine the spring required
2)Connect the springs to the metal plate and obtain a balance hanging position
3)Connect the cord to the cradle metal support
4)Move the cradle slightly to start the cradle
5)Before take out baby from the cradle, reduce speed setting off
6)If the baby is gaining weight, increase the quantity of spring

Age-weight-spring Table :
2 Springs - (3-5kg)
3 Springs - (5-7kg)
4 Springs - (7-10kg)
5 Springs - (10-13kg)
6 Springs - (13-16kg)
7 Springs - (16-19kg)

For Safety -Reminder:
-Use at least 2 springs upon installation.
-The safety cord must be fastened at all times.